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Are businesses operating from employee’s homes?

According to a report by Microsoft Surface & YOUGOV, entitled Work Smarter to live Better, nine out of 10 people (87%) of employees reported that their businesses have adapted to ‘hybrid’ working. This is interesting overall but really for the likes of us, understanding how people are managing their data and if they are at all!

The new model of working has happened at a rapid rate, one minute we were in the office March 2020 (WOW) and the next we were receiving calls and emails to say it’s all from home for a while… As we can see, this has taken off, the forced situation allowed businesses to let down their guards and fear of the working from home way. Now its 2021 and things have had time to settle, the future is bright and this is our chance to step in and highlight how and what your business needs in terms of document management.

We’d imagine you’re of course digital, and GPDR compliant! This is our area of expertise and we can certainly guide or design the model of operations needed to have you survive at home, in the office or both. We can kickstart or even clean up your digital transformation, there is several benefits to working with the likes of us. We store, archive, shred, industrial scanning, and more, there’s endless and nonstop benefits to making sure your documents, your DATA, is safe and secure.

You know you can trust us for a number of reasons, apart from being around for forever, hello… we are part of the Workflo Group with experts in IT, meaning we have our team in-house on top of every service, every operation and procedure. Hybrid working, let’s make document management easier! Working from home? Let’s make sure we are GDPR compliant, in the office? Well, let’s make sure you aren’t tripping over paperwork.


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