The Process

The first step in any book or fragile scanning project, is to ensure all pieces are handled with great care. Using our experience, and through discussions with the client, we will establish which of our specialist scanners best suits the needs of the project.

We have the unique option to capture any article up to A1 dimensions in a single pass. Our primary book scanner is an overhead mounted unit with A1 base board.

Our fantastic, and versatile, Solar Book Scanner, allows us to have either; a flat baseboard, an A1 sized book cradle, or an A2 lightbox. The unit can capture any object (bound, framed or fragile) up to 98mega pixels, giving superior quality and detail.

As with all our scanning services, our specialists can pause jobs to change settings if necessary. The files will pass to through our quality assurance team to be checked, before passing to our data entry and indexing department. The files will be indexed and named as per the job brief, and the files returned in traditional methods, such as secure CD, DVD, USB Portable Drive or modern methods with access being available through our internally managed, secure cloud servers.



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