The first step in any large format project, is to prepare the drawings to ensure they are fit for scanning, this involves, unfolding them and checking for defects. As with our other scanning services, our dedicated preparation team will ensure staples are removed, drawings are in good condition, and that the leading edge is flat with no damage.

Our experienced large format team will then capture the drawings using our rotary, pass through Colortrac large format production scanners. Each image scanned is viewed in real time.

Our high specification scanners are fitted with a suite of quality features, to ensure accuracy is achieved, always. Such features include; audible and visual double feed detection, skew correction, and auto rotation.

Typically, to manage the file size, drawings are scanned at between 200dpi and 300dpi, in full colour. However, our scanners support up to 1200 dpi, in colour, greyscale and black. Each production drawing scanner achieving capture rates of several 100 drawings per hour.

As with all our scanning services, our specialists can pause jobs to change settings if necessary. The files will pass to through our quality assurance team to be checked, before passing to our data entry and indexing department. The files will be indexed and named as per the job brief, and the files returned in traditional methods, such as secure CD, DVD, USB Portable Drive or modern methods with access being available through our internally managed, secure cloud servers.



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