Digitising Microfilm

Microfilm, such as aperture cards, is a type of microform. Used as a traditional method to store text, images, newspapers and maps, Microfilm allows for a small scale reproduction to be archived.

In the modern world, microform has all but become redundant, and this leaves many organisations wishing to digitise their records. With appropriate scanners costing tens of thousands of pounds, outsourcing the project is, by far, the most cost effective route.

Our investment in state-of-the-art microfiche and aperture card scanners, allows us to meet the needs of clients across all sectors. We can digitise your microform records in PDF/TIFF/JPEG and many other file formats.

The first step in any Microfilm Scanning project, is to ensure the correct piece of equipment is used. Dating to 1972, TRM built its brand in storing, managing and latterly digitising microfilm.

Our, vastly experienced, microfilm Scanning specialists will capture your records using either high end scanners from the likes of Sunrise and Wicks & Wilson. Each image scanned is viewed in real-time to ensure accuracy. Our specialist can pause the job to change settings and re-scan if the quality is not a true like for like of the original.

Upon completion, the files will pass to our quality assurance team to be checked, before passing to our Data Entry and Indexing department. The digital files will be indexed and named as per the job brief.

The electronic files can be returned in traditional methods, such as secure CD, DVD, USB Portable Drive and modern methods with access being available through our internally managed, secure cloud servers.



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