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Now is the time to digitize your documents

There is no better time, nor has it ever made more sense to go digital. The UK is in and out of lockdowns, with businesses taking it one week at a time, now it’s important your documents are both secure and accessible.

You’re out of office now, working from home and to be upfront, with all the sanitization in place, you may not want to be running through loads of paperwork in the office anyway. Going digital doesn’t just solve problems but eradicates future problems, we aren’t saying go paperless (unless you want to), we have storage facilities waiting to make your paperwork easily accessible with 24/7 support available.

The more space the better, by going digital or locating your paperwork with us (or doing both) you allow more space in the office, less money spent on filing cabinets and less precious time spent rummaging through them. TRM, part of the Workflo Group has specialized in Document Management since the dinosaur ages… well 1972… point is the industry has changed vastly since this time and us with it.

We are passionate, experienced and qualified to take you on this journey. We are Scotland’s Document, Records and Filing Scanning Specialists.

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