Who uses Digital Signage? Anyone with a waiting room! From dentists and doctors to estate agents and travel agents – anyone who wants to grab a customer’s attention.

Pictures, videos, the latest news, the weather – anything from anywhere can be displayed.

Why might Digital Signage be useful to you? If you want to sell more products or services, keep your customers entertained in a waiting room or educate your customers about something then a digital sign is what you need.

Screens can display different messages or content according to the time of day. So if you run a takeaway shop and want a breakfast menu followed by  your main menu, it can be done easily. Price changes? Easy!

You may have seen them in places such as Burger King or KFC, menus interspersed with videos and scenes to entice you.

One dental client in Livingston uses Digital Signage to show information about the practice including contact details, introducing the team, what tooth decay is and how to prevent it, as well as showing some products they sell. Whilst the presentation is running the latest news is running below it.  After two months they had more enquiries about one of her services than from from two years of advertising via posters in the waiting room.

To find out more about our digital signage solution please contact us today, or request a quote. A member of our West Lothian based team will be delighted to help.