How can TRM help?

It starts with us providing Strong, custom made storage bags. From there, our own vehicles pick up the bags from your office. All of which use the latest tracking technology and are all fitted with Dash Cams for security.

Before destruction, we will send a Request for Destruction certificate, which must be duly signed, authorising TRM to permanently destroy the paperwork. Once received, we will destroy the paper inline with Industry Standard EN15713.

When organisations need a confidential shredding service they can trust, they call TRM.

Retention periods & ongoing management

Since 2018, GDPR has meant that companies must be in control of the period of time personal data is retained. This includes customer information, past and present employee data, and contract copies among other data.

TRM provide agreement which cater for ongoing collection and destruction of data on pre-agreed terms meeting legislation.

Of course, each batch of documentation destroyed, will receive a Certificate of Destruction.



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