What is electronic document management?

Quite simply, an electronic document management system (EDMS) is a solution which allows you to digitise all of your paper based processes. It takes everything you do currently, makes it digital, and automates many of the labour intensive tasks.

Our docuflo solution receives, tracks, manages and stores documents digitally, cuts down on paper usage, reduces spend and helps achieve an organisations environmental goals.

Does it help with GDPR compliance?

Yes! Docuflo keeps a record of changes and the various versions of a document which are created and modified. It tracks user data, and provides easy access to who has viewed, amended, saved and for those that are authorised, deleted a document.

How are TRM different and what’s their USP?

Perhaps the biggest hurdle in any organisations digital transformation, is the question of how to manage legacy documentation, much of which dates back 7 years.

For many EDMS providers, the answer has always been to digitise moving forward, and to continue using current paper documents for legacy information. At TRM, we don’t believe this is a true digital solution. We believe that a true EDMS will provide a business, on day one, with all of their legacy documentation, in a searchable, and retrievable form.

As part of the Workflo Solutions Group, we are unique in being the only privately owned business in Scotland who can offer an end to end solution:

  • Uplift, digitisation & destruction of paper records
  • Uplift digitisation & storage or return of binded material
  • Uplift digitisation & destruction of large format drawings
  • Implementation of true EDMS – all legacy information available on day one
  • Managed print services to control spend & maximise scan capabilities
  • Network & IT support, back up and security of crucial data

Data can often overwhelm businesses, and it is often difficult to know where to start on your digital transformation. With TRM, becoming a digital leader is easy.



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