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The Workflo Group

You can find us ‘A True Managed Service Provider’ in a few locations, our head office being Livingston just outside of Edinburgh, we then have an office in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Manchester. We are continuously growing as you probably have seen, this goes for our services as well.

We started up in 2007 with Print being the service here at Workflo but, let’s fast forward to 2021… (some would rather stay in 2019) now we offer more Print services, Print ProductionManaged Print and what else? IT services, the finest of Digitization and as of recent, Telecoms which we refer to as Commsflo.

The Workflo Group consists of Workflo Solutions (the hub), Pyramid IT and TRM. The individual in charge of the smooth running and success of Workflo and our growth is Michael Field, Michael is a very much work your way up from humble beginnings kind of guy and despite his huge success in business, he holds that dear. This means our team are second to none, we are about drive, ambition and passion, at Workflo the hiring process is focused on who you are. Our growth in services, our innovative solutions and continuous exploration and success into new realms reflect exactly what we are about. The Workflo Group care to be ‘A True managed Service Provider’ but most importantly ‘Your True Managed Service Partner’.

Workflo’s passion is literally your business, we don’t just provide the service and maintain it, we care to continuously improve it and move with the times, constantly getting better than yesterday.

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