What is
Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation means many things to many people. We believe in keeping things simple; to us, it’s the application of digital technology to streamline processes, improve productivity, enhance customer value, mitigate risks, reduce overheads, and ultimately, to increase your bottom line.

What are the benefits
Digital Transformation?

There is an almost endless list of benefits to be achieved through a tailored document management solution. Some of the benefits of scanning, digitising and managing your data are outlined below:

Have you dreamt
of becoming

UK businesses have strived to become paper light for years. Digitising files is often more complicated than anticipated and the costs involved, both in staff time and equipment spend is vast. Using our service mitigates costs by removing the need for inhouse technology, and perhaps more importantly, your staff get back to what they do best.

Do you want to

Paper is fragile, it can become water damaged, ripped or torn and even lost / misplaced easily. By digitally scanning, data can be held securely. Access can be controlled and a backup copy can be held off site for disaster recovery – e.g. in the cloud.

Are you moving office
require more space?

Storage of files (documents, drawings, books & Microfilm) takes up space which can be better utilised. TRM give you this space back, by either Scanning and digitising the hard copy paper files, or by storing archives in our purpose fitted, secure storage area.

reducing costs
sound good?

Office rent & business rates continue to rise. Paying for space can be avoided by storing and accessing the files electronically. Admin overheads can be reduced and your employees expertise used properly to add value to your business.

Would you like
even better

Your staffs time is too valuable to have them searching for paper records. Typically, records will be stored in various location, using several indexing methods, often becoming elusive through misfiling. By scanning and digitising these records, access is quick, accurate and easy.

Are your
management processes
GDPR compliant?

Since 2018, in line with GDPR, an organisation must be able to demonstrate that they are in control of any personal data held. Regulation controls what data can be held, how it is held, how long it is held for and the security protecting it.

Businesses have invested heavily to protect their digital data, but what about paper records, these can derail even the most robust strategies.

Scanning, digitising and either destroying or securely storing the original documents removes this risk.

Would you like to be
even more

Striving to be agile and nimble in business is nothing new, it’s often what differentiates one organisation from another. Agility is easily achievable in modern business when information is available as and when it’s needed. Remote and ‘anytime / anywhere’ working becomes simple when your paper files are there at the touch of a button, wherever you are.

Are records storage and
Health and Safety

Health and Safety regulations are more stringent than ever. Archive boxes, files and records may cause tripping hazards or be in danger of falling if stored on top of each other. Having these files scanned and digitised allows the records to removed and securely destroyed.

Have you thought
ISO Certification?

Storing documentation in an electronic form can greatly assist your organisation in achieving ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO45001 (Occupational Health & Safety), and ISO27001 (Information Security Management).